In July 2010 the lab moved to a new location at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine to start TTEC! The Department of Biomedical Engineering and Wilmer Eye Institute teamed up to create the Translational Tissue Engineering Center (TTEC) located on the 5th Floor of the beautiful Robert H. and Clarice Smith Building.

Our mission is to engineer technologies to repair lost tissues.  We aim to bridge academic research and technology discovery to treat patients and address clinically-relevant challenges related to tissue engineering.  To accomplish this goal we are developing and enabling materials, studying biomaterial structure-function relationships and investigating mechanisms of tissue development to practically rebuild tissues.

The general approach of tissue engineering is to place cells on a biomaterial scaffold that is designed to provide the appropriate signals to promote tissue development and ultimately restore normal tissue function in vivo.  Understanding mechanisms of cellular interactions (both cell-cell and cell-material) and tissue development on scaffolds is critical to advancement of the field, particularly in applications employing stem cells.  Translation of technologies to tissue-specific sites and diseased environments is key to better design, understanding, and ultimately efficacy of tissue repair strategies. We desire to translate clinically practical strategies, in the form of biomaterials/medical devices, to guide and enhance the body’s natural capacity for repair.  To accomplish the interdisciplinary challenge of regenerative medicine research,we maintain a synergistic balance of basic and applied/translational research.

Prometheus mural at the National Academies in DC